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09 April 2012 @ 02:42 pm
Junjou Cotton Fluff Candy Prompts No. #1 : shoplight  
prompt shoplight
fandom Junjou Romantica
pov Usami Akihiko
pairing Usami Akihiko/Takahashi Misaki
summary Misaki gets a gift in the winter. Their 4th year together. Misaki's 22.

Misaki and I were walking in the snow covered streets with the lights from the shops around us show us are way. His face with red from the cold and it took all I had to not grab him by his waist and kiss him right then and there in front of everyone.

"Misaki, are you cold?"
"Ah... A little..."
I took my scarf and wrapped it around him.
"Usagi-san, people will--"
"They won't care." I said and took his hand. It was warm. Misaki relaxed and let me.

"Where are we going, Usagi-san?" Misaki's voice sounded a bit muffled by the scarf that covered the bottom of face.
"The toy store, of course," I replied.
"Of course, the toy store..."

By the time we reached there, I marveled at all the teddy bears on the window display. The fur looked silky under the light.
"Wait here a minute Misaki. I have to get something." I said as I unraveled the scarf and wrapped it around his neck. I kept my eyes on the green eyed teddy bear that was inside.
I grabbed the bear and took it to the counter. "For your daughter?" a middle-aged woman asked.
I shook my head. "No, for my lover."

I walked outside to see Misaki tugging on his scarf and rubbing his hands together. His face was so red. A small smile tugged on my lips.

"Misaki. Here." I said as I took out a brown bear that had Misaki's hair color and his bright olive eyes.
"F-for me? ...Thank you..." he said as he took the bear from my hands. He hugged the bear close to his chest and his face became even redder. His mouth turned a bit upwards.

I wrapped the scarf back around us and leaned lightly on him.
"Yes, Misaki." I prodded as we turned to walk in the other direction.
"I l-love you.." 
I could barely hear him but I stopped. I hugged him and kissed his forehead. "I love you too. Now lets go home so I can ravish you."
I chuckled.

A/N: yeah. prompts. I learned that Im SOOO much better at describing things in my writing than actually talking and in-line conversation.
So Im going to practice with prompts. & since I love Misaki and Usagi, prompts for them. I might even write Egoist and Terrorist. Hope you enjoy the short sweet fluff.
Wait.. This would be my first post here public. lol okay. Don't judge me for my whole writing skills on this!
edit slightly 12/4/12
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